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Municipality of the island of Mallorca and 17 km from the capital, Palma, and located 435 meters above sea level, is part of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range that stretches 80 km along the entire the northern coast of the island. The origin of the name (Mussa Valley) is explained by the influence of Islamic rule in Mallorca, for 300 years after the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula 711. Valldemossa is rich in sources and is surrounded by abundant and lush vegetation (olive trees, oaks and almond trees, etc.), So it offers the visitor the feeling of calm and quiet secular. They have a special charm of its narrow streets and steep. It remains in the town the birthplace of Mallorca's most revered saint, Catherine Thomas, who was born in 1531 and died on Valldemossa considered a saint in Palma 1574. He is also a parish church location, native to s. XIII, although extensively renovated in the s. XVIII. The main attraction of Valldemossa has been and is, without doubt, the Carthusian monastery. Here we visit the rooms where they stayed the champions of French Romanticism in mid-century XIX, the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin and his companion, the writer Aurore Dupin, better known by his alias of George Sand. The traces of his brief (December 1838 - February 1839), although intense, stay has led since then a ceaseless pilgrimage.

Other famous people have left their indelible mark among valldemossins: The famous Ruben Dario Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, Santiago Rusiñol, Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria. A 5 km of this town is Miramar, the former residence of the character. Here Bartomeu Caldentey, doctor of theology from the University of Paris, residential beneficiary Mallorca Cathedral, in collaboration with other beneficiaries in the field, Francesc Prats, called the watchmaker valldemossí Nicolau Calafat build a printing press (1485) to edit work spiritual character. Centuries before the eminent philosopher Ramon Llull was founded (1276) here a Franciscan monastery which developed the first school of Oriental languages in Europe, designed to educate the missionaries in Africa.

Another place to visit is the chapel. Located between the sea and the mountains, at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana, just 2 km towards Deia, and integrated in a place of unparalleled beauty and from which a unique panorama view, beyond a small community of hermits Mallorca devote their lives to prayer and penance. Please respect the silence during the visit. On the other hand, the fabulous views over the Mediterranean appreciate a leisurely mood to enjoy the harmony of the environment. In short, a people urbanistically unchanged for centuries, inhabited by a warm loving people with visitor friendly.


Festivities of the Blessed (July 28). When she was canonized in 1930, the valldemossina Catalina Thomàs became the first saint of Mallorca. The parties in his honor are the most important for the people. Hundreds of people flock with devotion of all bands on the island. The epicenter of the celebration is the triumphal car or ride of the Blessed: year after year a doll of six years is chosen to represent the saint in a procession through the main streets of town.

Festivity of St. Bartholomew (August 24). Festivities in honor of Saint Bartholomew, patron saint of the village of Valldemossa. Many cultural events held as well as music and sports, with the cooperation and participation of villagers, personalities and local authorities. Piano concertos. Over 29 editions, the cloister of the monastery has received many prestigious performers year after year have made an indelible memory Valldemossa (  


Birthplace of St. Catherine Thomas.Birthplace of the most revered saint of the island, Catherine Thomas, who was born in Valldemossa the 1531. At an early age expressed their religiosity and their determination to join a monastic institution. He entered the 1553 in the Augustinian convent of Santa Maria Magdalena de Palma, which currently worships her incorrupt body.

Real Cartuja.This former monastery, in the real internal origins, founded and inhabited by monks since 1399 until 1835, welcomed the Polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin and George Sand, French writer winter of 1838-1839. Its museums house memories of romantic couples and samples of art and culture of the XV to XX.

Palau del Rey Sancho. Palace built by King James II to his son Sancho, who reigned in Mallorca in 1311 to 1324. From 1801 and 1802 the Palace tower imprisoned Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, (famous minister of Charles IV), until he was transferred to the Bellver Castle. The 1906 and 1913 these walls housed the great Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, who wore a monk's habit for inspiration in his writings. Among the architectural elements should be highlighted the steps of the Ave Maria, with the drawbridge and the medallion of St. Bru (Jaume Blanquer, 1623), Guest tower and the cloister of Santa Maria.

Coll Bardolet Foundation. This foundation aims to preserve, exhibit and publicize the paintings of Josep Coll Bardolet, illustrious son of Valldemossa, as well as his private collection owned by the foundation as well as promote the arts in general .(

Costa Nord. It is the headquarters of the Foundation Sustainable Baleares. The creation of the center was due to an initiative of the actor Michael Douglas. In his meeting with Tramuntana coast of Mallorca and the trajectory of the Archduke Louis Salvator was born on this project. Costa Nord celebrates a series of concerts, cuisine festivals, exhibitions, plays, or guided tours through the Sierra de Tramuntana (

Ermita de Valldemossa. Unparalleled venue for the gathering of the spirit. Fabulous views over the Mediterranean. It is requested to respect the silence of the religious community (Ctra Valldemossa-Deia, km 4).

Miramar. Ancient monastery founded by the philosopher Ramon Llull 1276. Throughout time this monastery has housed several monastic orders: Cistercian, Dominican, Jeromes, hermits, etc.. On 1485 was installed the first printing of Mallorca. After a few centuries, in 1872, Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria bought it and made an important work of restoration (

Port de Valldemossa (sa Marina). . 6 km from the village at the foot of the Serra, a narrow road with a steep slope leads us to this little fishing port with charm and a cove of crystalline waters. The Port of Valldemossa offers visitors a beautiful natural setting.

Mirador del Puig de sa Moneda.Sightseeing venue created by Archduke Louis Salvator, from which we can see magnificent views of the coast and the village of Valldemossa. This viewpoint is located in the urbanization of George Sand, 3.5 km from the village of Valldemossa on Banyalbufar direction.

Mirador de la Miranda des Lledoners. Spectacular scenery at the foot of the Royal Monastery and Palace of King Sancho, from which provides the beautiful setting of the village of Valldemossa, the valley, and in the distance, the city of Palma.

Famous People

The village of Valldemossa has hosted throughout its history countless artists who would not escape the spell of this charming valley. Many of them continue working even now covered by the inspiration of his birth.

First character can highlight the most relevant figure of Santa Catalina Thomàs, better known as the Beateta. Valldemossa born in 1531, her exemplary life, compassionate as well as her ecstasies and miracles stalled in the heart of the Mallorcan, since her death she was venerated as a saint. She was beatified in 1792. The village of Valldemossa rendered in her honour the most important festivities of the year.

The Archduke Luis Salvador (The Archduke). He arrived in Mallorca for the first time in 1867. He established himself in Valldemossa with the acquisition of several properties and made important studies on the Mediterranean. His legacy: "Die Balearen in Wörter und bild" was crucial in order to publicize and promote the Balearic Islands.

Frédéric Chopin and George Sand (Aurore Dupin), Polish composer born in Warsaw in 1810, spent 3 months in Valldemossa with his partner George Sand and her two children in a monastery cell. Chopin composed some of his best Preludes here as well as other works. George Sand wrote the literary work "A Winter in Mallorca".

Other important writers who have visited Valldemossa are Jorge L. Borges. Argentine writer, one of the lead authors of the twentieth century literature. Rubén Darío. Nicaraguan poet, author of "Island of Gold" in reference to Mallorca, visited the island in 1906 and 1913, and M. Gaspar de Jovellanos, Spanish writer, lawyer and politician illustrated. He was banished to Mallorca for political reasons the first time in 1801 at the Royal Carthusian Monastery of Valldemossa, and subsequently transferred to prison Bellver Castle in Palma.

At the same time, Valldemossa has been a place of inspiration for artists both local and foreign, that have come to appreciate the light and the environment for the creation of their works. Prominent names such as José María Alcover, Monica Areilza, Nils Burwitz, Paco Carvajal, and Bardolet Josep Coll, Jaime Colorao, Bartomeu Ferrà, Rafa Forteza, Josep Guinovart, Hubert Erwin, James Lambourne, JB Laurens, Masaya, Eliseu Meifren, Pilar Montaner, Carlos Nogueira, Bernat sideways, Russiñol Santiago, Lourdes Sampol, John Sargent, Peter and Jacob Sureda, Margaret Sweeney, Claudio Torcigliani, Xim Torrens and Bruno Zupan. And also to the following musicians and performers, musical groups, photographers and writers as relevant as Jose Carlos Lobo, Bartomeu Calatayud, Bartomeu Estaràs - El Parado de Valldemossa, Genia Tobin, Los Valldemossa, Miquel Lladó, Ivan Martin, Ivan Nagy and Marilyn Burn, Peter Coll, Xisco Bonnin, among others.







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